A charge of Driving While Intoxicated (39:4-50) is the most serious charge in Municipal court. The loss of your driver’s license can severely affect your professional and personal life. You will be faced with paying high fines and state surcharges. An experienced attorney can review the state’s case and devise a strategy for a dismissal of the case. Fines range from $300-$500 and surcharges are $1,000 a year for three years! Loss of driver’s license ranges from three to seven months for a first offense, two years for a second offense, and ten years for a third and subsequent offense. A third DWI involves a mandatory six month jail term. New Jersey currently offers no conditional work license. I have aggressively represented over 100 DWI defendants throughout the state and have even obtained dismissals. A DWI is not a mere traffic ticket! It is imperative to contact an attorney who will fight to save your license and livelihood.

Traffic Violations

Everyone at some point in his driving career fails to use proper caution and finds himself charged with a moving violation. Drivers face high fines as well as an increase in insurance premiums. The state will also issue surcharges and license suspensions to drivers who accumulate too many points on their driver’s license. I have aggressively defended thousands of drivers and successfully reduced their fines and penalties, as well as saving them from losing their driver’s license. Those with favorable driving records are sometimes able to get their charges dismissed! The penalties in Municipal court are more serious than they appear and no defendant should have to face the court alone. Whether you are facing a high speeding ticket or leaving the scene of accident, the proper representation can save you fines, loss of license, and insurance surcharges.

Disorderly Persons Offense

Lower level crimes that are ordinarily called misdemeanors in most states are called Disorderly Persons Offenses in New Jersey. These crimes commonly include assault, shoplifting, domestic violence, and drug possession. In addition to carrying high fines and possible jail time, those pleading guilty to disorderly persons offenses will have a criminal record. Although certain offenses can be expunged, having a criminal record can legally exclude you from certain employment and housing. Since your personal reputation is at stake, you need an attorney who does more than accept the first plea offered by the state. An experienced attorney can review the state’s case and see if the charges can be dismissed. If nothing is acceptable, then the case can be brought to trial.

Driving While Suspended

Drivers caught driving with a suspended license (39:3-40) face severe penalties including jail time. Fines start at $500 and go up to $1,000 for third and subsequent offenses! Those with a third offense face 10 days in jail in addition to another one to six months of driver’s license suspension. Many Municipalities offer weekend community service instead of jail time. I have represented hundreds of clients charged with driving on the revoked list and was able to reduce fines, suspension time, and convert jail time to community service. Many clients get caught-up in a downward spiral of fines and suspension from which it is difficult to recover. If a defendant is driving with a suspended license for a DWI or no insurance on his car, he is facing enhanced penalties. This means the defendant is facing double the fines and suspension if he pleads guilty. Do not take this charge lightly. This is a very serious charge that requires the assistance of counsel.

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