Family Law


A divorce can be a trying experience because not only is a marriage being dissolved, but assets and parenting duties are being divided. A Simple Divorce is when there are no marital assets involved, and a Contested Divorce is when there are marital assets to be divide up and distributed. The drafting of the Property Settlement Agreement is key to protecting the client’s best interests. Divorces can involve alimony which is designed to keep a spouse’s lifestyle on the same level as it was during the marriage. When children are involved, an attorney needs to be skilled in protecting the client’s intentions for child support and custody. A divorce obviously deals with many complex issues and requires choosing an attorney who is a good strategist and a strong advocate for his client.

Child Support & Custody

Court orders for child support and custody may need to be changed. The issue may be a parent relocating, getting a better job, or a child no longer wishing to live with his parent. A motion is when an attorney requests that the court modify the support or custody order. You need an experienced attorney who will protect your rights and your child’s future.

Division of Child Protection and Permanency (DYFS)

Whether you already have an open case with the Division, or they have just started their case for Abuse and Neglect, you need the help of an experienced and caring DYFS attorney. There is no price you can put on the relationship you have with your children. The right attorney can stop the harassment from DYFS and get your kids back if they have been removed! You need an attorney who works aggressively both in and out of court to close any investigation as soon as possible. An experienced attorney will make sure his clients comply with DYFS to assure the return of their children even before the first court appointment. Contact the office for a consultation about how to make this is your last encounter with DYFS.

Juvenile Law

Occasionally juveniles (under 18) have a run in with law enforcement. Some are acting out because of family problems, while others just seen to be guilty of having the wrong friends. Whether the charge is drug possession or assaulting a classmate, every case is serious and every child deserves the personal attention and encouragement to get him back on the right track. This is a special area of law, a hybrid of criminal and family law. You need an attorney who is familiar enough with the prosecutors and judges to obtain a favorable outcome. No child deserves to go to juvenile detention for a night of youthful indiscretion he regretted the day. The right attorney can fight for the right results. Your child is worth it.

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